There are a wide range of materials available for the production of rapid prototypes. On this page we have published a selection of the most frequently used materials. In each document we have summarized the most relevant technical specifications in order to highlight the characteristics of the materials.

A summary of the characteristics of the materiala is available in the material guide where we have published two comparison tables.

Name Sort descending Material type Document
RP-FDM-ABS 3D printing resin RP-FDM-ABS.pdf
RP-SIN-NYL 3D printing resin RP-SIN-NYL.pdf
RP-SLA-WSH 3D printing resin RP-SLA-WSH.pdf
RS-00205-X Pre-series resin RS-00205-X.pdf
RS-00223-A Pre-series resin RS-00223-A.pdf
RS-00225-X Pre-series resin RS-00225-X.pdf
RS-00226-X Pre-series resin RS-00226-X.pdf
RS-00330-X Pre-series resin RS-00330-X.pdf
RS-03450-X Pre-series resin RS-03450-X.pdf
RS-05825-X Pre-series resin RS-05825-X.pdf
RS-08241-X Pre-series resin RS-08241-X.pdf
RS-08400-X Pre-series resin RS-08400-X.pdf

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