Background for the section 3D printing

Do you need a single prototype or a few pieces for initial testing or because you actually need a single piece? Maybe even quickly?

Probably what you are looking for is 3D printing.

Background for the section vacuum casting

Is your goal to produce a series of 10, 20, 100 identical pieces to start selling the product or to do some field testing?

Usually pre-series silicone molds are an effective and economical solution.


background for the milling section

Do you need to produce a mold or part made of a specific material? Do you need to cut, engrave sheets or blocks out of plastic, wood, metal?

In these cases, milling is worth considering.

Background for the design section

You do not have a 3D CAD model but only some sketches, photos or some ideas?

We can assist you on the design phase, drawing the 3D CAD model and publishing the 2D drawings.

Background for the reverse engineering section
You do not have the drawing, but a physical object, an handcraft piece, an artistic work to start from?

We can 3D scan the physical object and obtain a CAD model that way.