Applicazioni industriali

Prototyping models and small series for electronics, hosehold appliances, automotive etc.

Plastici per edilizia

Architectural models to best enhance the peculiarities of new projects.

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Arte orafa

3D scans and models to support the handwork of the creative and innovative goldsmith craftsman.

Arte scultorea

3D scans and models to restore the work sculpted by hand by the artist to the desired scale or on a different material.

Plastici architettonici

Detailed and realistic models to enrich a traditional architectural model with special and customized details.

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3D scans to obtain a virtual model to be imported into the FEA environment or a scale model to be tested in the wind tunnel.

Applicazioni  medicali

Anatomical models of real patients, reconstructed by CT or MRN to plan interventions, shape implants, facilitate communication and understanding.