3D printing

The prototype is essential for evaluating the beauty, functionality and feasibility of a new project.

MarMax manufactures rapid prototypes in very short time and limited costs, so that in the very early stages of the design, strengths and weaknesses of the new product can be verified with the marketing office, the customer, the production department or the technical office itself.

The 3D printing technology that is most congenial to us is the stereolithography, which allows to obtain high aesthetic quality and excellent dimensional precision. However, we can produce your parts in laser sintering (SLS), in filament extrusion (FDM), in multijet printing (MJP) and in multijet fusion (MJF). To find out more, have a look at the available 3D printing solutions (menu on the left) or check our guides in the Technologies section, where you will find the list of materials and finishes available for 3D printing.