This section is designed to help the user to navigate the world of rapid prototyping and find all the information he will need to choose the technical solution and the ideal material with which to make a project.


MarMax is the ideal solution for those who want to develop a prototype.

If you cannot provide a technical drawing or a CAD model, we can make it together, if, instead, you already have a handmade model we can scan it with an optical scanner or an anthropomorphic arm.


With the surfaces detected by the scan of the real model the fluid dynamics simulation is carried out, from the results of it the model is re-modeled and optimized.


3D CAD model directly from a real object. Depending on the geometry and the results you want to achieve, we use either an anthropomorphic arm or an optical scanner.


Sometimes the artist needs to give shape to his/her model on a scale and with a material easier to handle. With the 3D scan you can bring the work back to the dimensions and the final material.
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